Immuno Oncology

The immune system is a natural defensive system of our bodies. Organs, cells, and certain molecules of our bodies help us to protect against diseases such as cancer, infection and so on. When external organisms, for example bacteria, enter our bodies, the immune system recognizes them, attacks them, and protects our bodies from damage. This process is called immune response.


Cancer cells are very different from normal cells, so if the immune system can only recognize them, it will attack them, but cancer cells will not be easily distinguishable from normal cells, making the immune system not recognize the danger properly. If detected in the immune system, cancer cells continue to change their appearance (mutant) and get out of the immune response like viruses. In addition, the natural immune response is generally known to be somewhat weaker to fight against cancer cells.

Immuno-oncology is a field that studies how these immune systems can recognize cancer cells more sensitively to attack them and protect our bodies


Recently, the keyword of anticancer treatments is changing from ‘Target’ to ‘Immune’.

Cancer immunotherapy is a method of treating cancer by administering a substance that helps increase the immune response in the body to enhance the immunity. In fact, cancer therapy using the immune system is not a new method presented recently.The possibility was already anticipated by William B Coley in the late 19th century and Paul Ehrlich in the early 20th century, followed by various related findings in the 1970s and 1980s. In recent 3 to 4 years, cancer treatment of immunotherapy is progressing one step further and the substance proving its effect is being developed continuously.


In addition to anti-cancer research, the need for immunological research is continuously increasing in various fields. According to this demand, new solutions for immunocyte studies, which have been difficult to access, have recently been presented in various ways.

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